Walk with History Pentland Way

The Way runs from Dunsyre to Swanston and while the book follows that route it is much more than a conventional guidebook. The author, a founder member of the Friends of the Pentlands, seeks to inform the reader about who has lived in, travelled through, or appreciated these hills and perhaps been inspired by them long before ourselves.

Andrew Thin, a former Chairman of Scottish Natural Heritage, in his Foreword writes that: “The author has achieved something both unusual and welcome. He describes the historical context encountered along ‘The Way’ at a level of detail that will fascinate and intrigue, but does so in a style that is highly accessible. There are nuggets to inspire the imagination on almost every page. Wanderings in the Pentlands, whether on foot or in an arm chair, will never be quite the same again.”

The book consists of around 100 A5 pages and some 85 illustrations, almost all in colour, and contains a detachable route-finding supplement with map. It is being published in paperback by The Friends of the Pentlands and all profits from the sale of books will be used by the Friends for charitable purposes.

All are encouraged to purchase copies for themselves and their friends. Priced at £10 a copy plus postage.

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