Way of Working

The Organisation, in fulfilling its Purposes, will adopt the following procedures:-

  • Comply with the relevant guidance from the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR)
  • Seek to ensure that, as far as is practical, the Organisation’s work demonstrates its all-embracing aspirations; its wish to be a catalyst for integrated action; its enthusiasm for advocacy; its wish to avoid being overtly political, yet retaining its right to lobby when necessary, especially with regard to perceived threats; and its hope that its work will, in the long term, lead to an inspirational approach to the environmental protection and enhancement of the Pentland Hills.
  • Recognise that, as an all-volunteer body, its capabilities and influence are limited. In recognition of that reality the Organisation will seek, whenever appropriate, to obtain advice from and/or work with bodies that have greater expertise in the field of natural and cultural heritage and conservation and biodiversity.
  • Use its membership of the Pentland Hills Regional Park Consultative Forum to co-operate with the Regional Park, bearing in mind, however, that the Friends’ interests may not always coincide with those of the Park, and that the Organisation’s area of interest extends well beyond the boundaries of the Regional Park.
  • Maintain mutually beneficial relationships with Local Authority Access Officers, landowners, and other organisations with an interest in the Pentlands.
  • Monitor planning applications lodged with Local Authorities or the Scottish Government to ascertain their potential impact on the Friends’ area of interest and, when necessary, to submit an appropriate response.
  • Apply for membership of those bodies that the Board considers will help with achieving the Organisation’s purposes


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