Longer term

The Organisation’s long term objectives relate to improvements that will need substantial grant funding and need to be addressed in partnership with other organisations.  They are listed below:-

To consider the possibility of establishing a path ranger survey service for the area of the Pentland Hills which lies outwith the boundaries of the Regional Park.

To promote the extension of the Regional Park in order that it may cover the whole area of the Organisation’s interest

Shorter term

Major projects that are developed during the year are to be funded from grants while the Friends contribution is expected, in most cases, to continue to be met in kind by time, managerial or labour or both.


  • To continue to carry out a programme of path maintenance where possible including the continued  ‘adoption’ of:
    • Buckie Brae
    • Hillend to Boghall, Boghall to Castlelaw,
    • Phantoms Cleuch paths (NT 210658 to NT212651 approx.),
    • Lowries Den to Silverburn
    • Selm Muir Wood to Little Vantage.
  • To continue to carry out a programme of countryside furniture inspections (for items installed by the Friends of the Pentlands i.e. stiles, boardwalks etc.) and maintain appropriate records.
  • To carry out a programme of path inspections in the South West Pentlands, the adopted paths within the Regional Park and the two paths developed by the Friends of the Pentlands (Lowries Den to Silverburn and Selm Muir Wood to Little Vantage).
  • To carry out improvements to the path network in the South West Pentlands. These may be subject to a requirement for external funding.
  • To review the Organisation’s requirements for a storage/workshop building.
  • To continue to monitor the Pentland Way


  • To continue to carry out a litter picking programme
  • To maintain the Harlaw Visitor Centre Wild Life Garden in conjunction with the Natural Heritage Service and a wildlife garden at the Hillend Steading.  Explore any opportunity that might arise for an additional wild life garden elsewhere in the Pentland Hills.


  • To maintain the 5 arboreta planted within the Pentland Hills in 2013 and 2014.
  • To develop appropriate new paths in conjunction with others.
  • To develop the Harlaw Visitor Centre Wildlife Garden following the awarding a £12,000 grants under the Tesco Bagsofhelp scheme

Reaching Out

  • To hold an Access for All event
  • To give talks to promote the Friends of the Pentlands
  • To attend local fairs/events to promote the Friends of the Pentlands
  • To develop and further promote our existing educational activities
  • To continue to develop the mutually beneficial relationship with the Balerno Ramblers, local TCV group and corporate groups.
  • To continue to work with Woodlands School Currie to enable the pupils to obtain their John Muir Award.
  • To carry out a programme of educational walks and talks for members and their friends
  • To develop the organisations capacity to help people with disabilities access the Pentland Hills by using its mobility scooter
  • To publish and sell an educational book, Wildwood Legacy written by one of its members
  • To explore the setting up of activities aimed at younger people.


  • To develop a training programme for volunteers by formal and informal training
  • To maintain and develop a website and Facebook page
  • To issue an annual review and two editions of the Pentland Post each year
  • To maintain reserve funds of not less than £7500 and not more than £15,000
  • To review the Organisation’s premises requirements

Administrative costs to be met from membership fees, including gift aid

The above objectives are in addition to the planned activities described in the 2017 Programme of Events – please see that document for details.

Volunteers working on Pentland Hill path

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